Chairman of The Loyal Company of Town Criers
Telephone: 07941232825


“I’m Happy I’m a Crier”

To open an event?

To attract an audience?

To launch a product?

To lead a parade?

A Master of ceremonies?

Announce a special occasion?

A speaker for your group?

A part in your Pantomime?

To put your event on the map?

Looking for someone:

Chairman of the
Loyal Company of Town Criers

Member of the
Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers

Member of the
European Guild of
Town Criers

Niagara Falls Champion 1993

27th in the World 1993

Loudest in Britain 1997

Champion of Banbury 2011

2nd British Championships 2012

Town Crier for over 25 Years
Telephone 07941232825